Munich is on top on this long weekend with the art fair STROKE


If we think about art and creativity, Munich is on top on this long weekend (with Thursday as a holiday and Friday as a free day for many habitants).

Since its beginning, the art fair Stroke (now in its fourteenth edition) has given an opportunity to more than 200.000 visitors to see new contemporary art, to talk to authors and to see more than 350 artists working live.

This year’s edition is taking place at Werksviertel, and together with the art fair ArtMUC, they created the Kunst/Frühling in Munich, you can access with one single ticket two art exhibitions in three different places.

Stroke began with the idea of taking any type of elitism away from art, since art is many times connected to expensive exhibitions in expensive galleries. With Stroke, the idea is to give street art and urban art an opportunity of being exposed in galleries and exhibitions.

The creative mind behind Stroke is Marco Schwalbe, who was guided by the idea that art is of a high value on its own, and does not need to be connected to expensive galleries. He also thinks that art must not be influenced by other interpretations of certain groups, neither by market valuations. Art by itself is what could and should makes an impact on the viewer. This is how the event of Stroke began.

During the last years, Stroke has become an impactful and important forum for art exhibition and exchange, for emerging artists, as well as for people to get in touch with artists and buy art.

Here we have some impressions of our visit at Stroke, and some delightful chats with some of the artists at Stroke: stroke2s


Lea Gudrich / Köln.

Topics: Symbolism in flora and fauna. You can follow her on Instagram


Florian Nöhbauer / München

Topics: Bayern and symbolism from the grafitti scene. You can follower on him on Instagram

artiststroke2s artiststroke6s

Käthe Butcher / London

Topics: Intimity, meditations about what depression is and relationships. You can follow her on Instagram


Reinhard Gupfinger / Austria

Tema: Topics: Sound waves printed on 3D. You can follow him on Instagram



Weather you are an art-lover or you want just to get a colorful and inspirational day, don´t miss Stroke! You can find more info on their website

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Text and Photos: Alicia Enciso


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