Three days of science, art and intergalactic fun. (Part I)

This weekend (April 13-15th), the 4th edition of the “Science & Fiction Festival” in Munich takes place. And as the name says, it is all about science and fiction, mixed with art. You´ll find installations, exhibitions, performances, slams, music, and a lot of fun!


This festival is a platform for local artists as well as for internationals (UK, US, Canada, Croatia, Switzerland, Austria and Taiwan), that are interested in presenting ideas that are not typical, and the more interdisciplinary, the better.

Using science fiction as a medium to discover new things, change perspectives, launch projects “out of the box”.

The project was started by Ronit Wolf and as every year, this edition takes place at Einstein Kultur (Einsteinstraße 42), in the lower part, where at 1200 square meters, there will be 4 halls: Show Hall, Interaction Hall, Media-Art-Hall and Art-Experience Hall. Here, we leave you with a small aperitive of some examples about this edition:

On Friday, the festival opens with a theater impro in English at 7pm with “Impro 9 from outer space” (technology, robots, villains and heroes created there).

In other halls, you can find the “Open Smell Lab” (in English) with Klara Ravat … where you can make a creation of extraterrestrial tastes and flavours. Klara is an olfactory and visual artist living in Berlin.

“Lights & Guts” is an artistic installation and investigation about sensorial reactions to real world objects.

“Virtual Reality- / Augmented Reality-Playground” from ‘University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria“.

Besides all of this, music groups formed by aliens, the Hebocon, a paint battle between hand made robots out of garbage. The Hebocon is one of the highlights for families, on sunday at 1.30 pm.

The ticket costs 10€ for adults and 5€ for kids younger thas 12 and for students. If you want to go, but don’t wan’t to go alone, we formed a meet up group to go together, you can find the link here.


You find more information on the Festival´s website

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Photos credits: Münchner Science & Fiction Festival.

Text: Alicia Enciso

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