An inspirational evening.


This time, we will talk about the universe and about inspiration: we’re pretty sure you’ve already heard about the rocket Falcon, developed by SpaceX, a project financed by private investors, with the aim to realize commercial projects.

Falcon’s history, besides being quite disruptive, is a lesson in perseverance, because the first three launches did not work out, and the tenacity of the team made the project move on, and led them keep on trying, following up with two more successful launches. The 5th and last try did put a Malaysian satellite in Earth orbit. Falcon was the first of many SpaceX-Projects, Bulent Altan (now in Global Space Adventures, a capital firm with an exclusive portfolio of startups, technologies, and infrastructure in space) was part of the team led by Elon Musk, and Wayra Munich will open its doors to the public, to have a talk with him.

Get inspired and fulfill your dreams, assist and listen to his talk:

“From Startup 2 Space - Scale up 2 a two multibillion space carrier”

Doors open next Monday, 16th. April at 6.30pm at Kaufingerstraße 15.

Tickets are free, and you can acquire them on this link. But be quick. They have just a few tickets left.

You cannot miss this inspirational evening and the opportunity to talk with someone who has taken rockets to the space!

Image credits: Wayra Deutschland.

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