DAHO.AM The pure tech conference:10 reasons why you can’t miss it.


After graduating from university, I wanted to get a better understanding of the European Startup-Scene and the development of new technologies, so I decided move to Munich, a hub for great tech companies. Since coming to Munich I have attended many events, one being the DAHO.AM The Pure Tech Conference in 2017. Here I gained an abundance of valuable insights all in one exciting place. Below are my top 10 reasons why you absolutely can not miss DAHO.AM 2018, whether you are a software developer, startup founder or just plain interested in the latest happenings within the tech scene.

1 If you are interested in an internship, or if you are searching for a job in a European Startup, DAHO.AM is an excellent opportunity to make contacts within not only the German industry, but also all over Europe and around the world. There, you will be able to get in touch with a wide variety of different professionals from many different fields.

2 At DAHO.AM the topics are at the forefront of the industry and the insights gained here will help support you in current projects you are working on.

3 You will have access to experts that are also collaborators in companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, and Uber and you will be able to ask how their products function and how their companies run.

4 Network with other developers from all around the world!

5 See the newest ideas hitting the marketing via the the Startup Battle.Upcoming startups will all come together in one ring to make their pitch!

6 Learn best practices for software development, directly from the experts.

7 Besides the conferences, and the Startup Battle, there are also practical workshops about many diverse topics.

8 It is an excellent opportunity to get to know new technologies first hand. You will be able to test out cool gadgets and put your hands to work!

9 You will leave inspired with a wealth of new ideas!

10 This year’s edition of DAHO.AM presents 50 speakers, 10 workshops and 5 tracks, together with the opportunity to establish a network of international contacts. There are 1,200 people expected to participate. That’s 1,199 new people you can learn from!

Do you want to see this year´s programm? Take a look at DAHO.AM´s website.


About the Author: Enrique Antonio Enciso, software developer and entrepreneur.

Editor: Samantha Warren.

Photo credits: DAHO.AM

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