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Munich is a city that tries to be ecologically friendly and there are several options of how to live in an ecologically more conscious way. We are going to present you lots of nice ways to be more “green” in this sense. Green is the new black. “Nachhaltigkeit” is a key word in Munich, which means sustainability.

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Dividing the garbage / Mülltrennung.
In Munich, as in the rest of Germany, the garbage classification and separation is obligatory, if you don’t do it, we have no doubt that a neighbor is going to warn you about it. The garbage is going to be classified like this:

1.-Light packaging. Alu and Plastic. Aluminum
4.-Biowaste (Bioabfall)
5.-Residual waste (Restmüll)
In the following text, you are going to find more information. Read more here.

A nice way to consume more consciously: 2nd hand stuff markets.
A nice way to consume more consciously are the so called “Flohmärkte” (flee markets),where you can find 2nd hand stuff and all kinds of items in a good way and many times for a good and fair price, as the same way that you can sell the things you are not using/wearing anymore. Anyways, it is a good option so you don’t have to carry everything in your move (“Umzug) to Munich, or away from Munich. (Actually the name is quite funny, Floh means “flee” Fleemarket) The most important Flohmärkte in Munich are:
Midnightbazar der Nachtflohmarkt: Facebook site.

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