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As a resident of Munich, everything is way easier if you speak German. Of course, this is quite obvious. In this guide, we want to inform you about language schools in Munich, about other ways to learn German besides a regular language course and about the different types of official language certificates you might have to obtain.

Check list:

History / Geschichte:
A little bit of German language history. Where does the word “Deutsch” come from? You might be new in learning the language, or not so new, you´ll find some insights about the grammar. That is going to help you to understand more about the grammatical structure of German. Go to the article. For sure you have already noticed that there are the German dialects (such as Bavarian, or Plattdeutsch) and there is the Hochdeutsch. How did the German official language evolve and what factors are a crucial contributor to this? You’ll find some interesting insights in this article. Read more here.

Language school / Sprachschule:
Choosing your German course and your language school, Munich offers a lot of language schools, read some tips to find the course that better matches with you. Read more here.

Certificates / Zertifikate:
TestDaf, Telc and Co, Official German language certificates, sometimes you are obligated to have a German certificate, but if you are not, we will tell you why it would be good to have one and how the options are. Read more here.

Online exercises.
A good way to help the learning process are exercises besides your german course, we leave some links to nice exercise websites. Casa idiomas.

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