Arriving in Munich: the basics.

If you are about to arrive, or if you have just started your new life in Munich, read our guide! We want to provide you with the basic useful information to get along and to make all the important practical arrangements happen in a smooth way. With this guide, you will be well-oriented and feeling home soon after your arrival. Welcome!

This is our check list:

Register / Wohnsitzanmeldung Register at the citizens office called Kreisverwaltungsreferat (KVR). As in some other countries, in Germany you are also obliged to register personally as a new citizen at the government’s office, it does not matter if you are a Foreigner, or a German, this rule applies to every person. How to do this and why?
Read more here.

Insurance / Versicherung. Understanding the German health insurance system and going to the doctor for the first time. Here you find too the very basic vocabulary to make your appointment. Read more here.

Other insurance / Haftpflichtversicherung. In Germany, there exist all kinds of insurances. Here is a list of useful insurance types, what we recommend as the basic package. Read more here.

Media Fee / GEZ Gebühren. It is important to pay the GEZ Fee, which is an obligatory fee for media consumption being it digital, via streaming, on radio or television. It is paid per House, so it is important if your are going to live alone and if you live in a WG ask your roomies if they are on charge on it.
To pay you can register hier: at the Rundfunkbeitrag site.
If you want to find out more about this fee, here is a text where you can Read more.

Housing / Wohnung. Looking for an apartment, a shared flat (Wohngemeinschaft, also WG) and something really useful is the Mieterverein, which is a civil association dedicated to advice and help people hat are renting a flat and might become some problems. Membership also includes coverage of lawyer costs, up to a certain amount. Read more here.

Public transportation / MVG Understanding the public transportation system, Rings and Zones, and what ticket option is the best for you. Read more here.

Mobile phone / Handyvertrag Pros and Cons of having a mobile contract and other options like a prepaid card. You will find also the very basic vocabulary in order to buy a prepaid card.Read more here.

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